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Spalding County is located in the west-central part of Georgia and encompasses 201 square miles. 以克莱顿为界, 考维塔, 菲也特, 亨利, 屁股, 拉马尔, 派克, 和梅里韦瑟县, Spalding County lies 40 miles south of downtown Atlanta and 55 miles northwest of Macon. Spalding County is a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).


The Spalding County 委员会 believes all citizens should have the opportunity to participate in governmental decisions. In order include citizens in decisions being made by their local government, the 委员会 is assisted by a number of boards, 委员会和当局. These groups are comprised of county residents and report directly to either the 委员会 or to individual county departments. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Membership terms vary depending on the particular boards, 委员会和当局.

The Board’s goal is to appoint qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated people to serve on the boards, 委员会和当局. Commissioners usually make a large number of appointments during the first business meeting of the year, but will also make other appointments throughout the year to fill expired terms and/or vacancies as needed. Certain qualifications may be required to hold positions on some boards, 委员会和当局. These qualifications are stipulated in either the Spalding County Code or the Georgia Code.

A complete list of Spalding County’s 理事会、委员会和当局.

Appointment Form for 理事会、委员会和当局

For more information, contact the County Manager’s Office at (770) 467-4280.

斯伯丁县长 & 县

Spalding County is governed by five elected Commissioners and an appointed County Manager who oversees the day-to-day operations of the County advises the Board, 执行委员会的政策. The County Manager serves as the Chief Executive of the County and provides support to ensure that all ordinances, 决议, 项目, 倡议, 目标, and objectives of the Board of County Commissioners are properly coordinated and executed.

史蒂夫Ledbetter, 斯伯丁县的经理, is responsible for leading an organization of approximately 550 employees and a budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 of $95.100万美元. Dr. Ledbetter is responsible for the professional management of all programs and activities under the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, he is responsible for overseeing the County’s Economic & 社区发展 Services, 人力资源, and Information Services 部门. 此外,博士. Ledbetter serves as liaison between the Board of County Commissioners and several working committees.

博士联系. 史蒂夫Ledbetter的电子邮件地址是 或致电770-467-4224.


The 助理县长 reports to the County Manager and under limited supervision carries out the direction of the County Manager on a wide range of County administrative issues. The position provides general guidance and direction for the: 消防部门, 国土安全, 动物收容所, e - 911通讯, 800mhz通信, Correctional Institute and 澳门葡京赌场官方网址 and is responsible for the supervision of designated departments and assisting them in working toward achieving departmental objectives and the mission of Spalding County as a whole.

The 助理县长 will work with the County Manager, Department Heads and employees of the County to plan, organize and implement programs on matters affecting assigned areas of responsibility; review results of major studies and coordinate the preparation of reports and recommendations. Briefs the County Manager and presents programs for consideration to the 委员会 and implements approved programs. She will conduct project and organizational studies that may require coordination with external organizations and agencies; organize, facilitate or participate with County departments and external organizations to identify needs, evaluate services and establish objectives.


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Once documents are completed they can be submitted in the following ways:

传真: (770)467-4227
寄给: P.O. 30224,乔治亚州格里芬1087号包厢