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8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

The Spalding County 惩教机构 Strives To Operate A Safe and Secure Facility.  We Provide Services To Citizens of Spalding County With The Use Of State Inmates While Providing Healthcare, Education and Job Skills To the Inmate Which Reduces Recidivism With A Team of Dedicated And Professional Staff.

From Atlanta, take 1-75 south to Hwy. 格里芬以南19/41. Take the Griffin bypass to the Williamson Road/Hwy. 362号出口向左拐. Take an immediate left onto Justice Blvd. Go to the 前 of the hill, Spalding County Correctional Institute (C.I.) will be on the left just before the Spalding County Sheriff’s Department.

From South of Griffin, take 1-75 North to the Jackson/Griffin 退出. (#205) Head turn left, towards Griffin on Arthur Bolton Parkway. Go all the way through Griffin on the same road until you come to the intersection of Hwy. 19/41.  There will be a Kroger to your left immediately before this intersection. 向南转上高速公路. 19/41.  Take the very next 退出, which is Hwy 362/Williamson Rd. 退出. 向左转,从桥下走.  Almost immediately turn left onto Justice Blvd. Go to 前 of the hill, Spalding County C.I. will be on the left just before the Spalding County Sheriff’s Dept.

The original Spalding County Correction Institute (C.I.) began as a “work camp” in 1952 on the site of the present day Spalding County 工务署, just down the road from our present location which was built in 2001. The Spalding County 惩教机构 (SCCI), serves to meet the workforce needs of local governments  while  fulfilling a contractual  obligation  to  the  Georgia  Department  of Corrections  by providing  safe and secure housing for  approximately 384 inmates  in compliance  with  all applicable policies and procedures. We are governed by the Spalding County 委员会 thru the  County  Manager  and also by the  standard  operating  procedures  of the  Georgia Department  of Corrections.

There are approximately  65 inmate details with about 320 medium or minimum security state inmates assigned to work outside of the prison for a variety of local government departments as well as several in other  nearby jurisdictions. Some of these departments include Public Works, 水务局, 公园及康乐, 动物控制, 建筑及保养, Griffin-Spalding County School System, Georgia State Patrol posts in Griffin and Thomaston, Ga., 乔治亚州惩教署 Mobile Construction Division, 格里芬警察局, 格里芬市公墓, 城市水务局, 城市汽车调配中心, 托马斯顿市公共工程, Henry County Public Works and Fayette County Public Works. The majority of these  “outside” work  details  are responsible  for  cutting  grass and picking up  trash  on county  roads, fixing or replacing  road signs on county  roads, 铺设沥青, 修复一些桥梁, digging  and  cleaning  out  ditches, 准备球场,  保持当地公园清洁, working  in  the automotive  and  maintenance   shops  and  providing   janitorial  services  to  many  local  government buildings. Another 55-60 inmates are assigned to “inside” details such as the laundry, 厨房, 理发店和宿舍护理员.

State inmates at a county camp will almost always be within a few months or years of their release from prison.  为此目的, the  Georgia Parole  Board  places requirements on inmates  about  certain classes and groups that they either  must attend  to satisfy some parole requirements or that  they can elect  to  attend  in  order  to  help  themselves.  SCCI offers the following classes for inmates:   G.E.D. 准备类, 一个被称为MRT的必修课程, which stands for Moral Reconation Theory; Re­ entry skills classes, Motivation for Change and a computer lab. Religious services are also available for all inmates. 

The Spalding County Correctional Institute also provides On The Job training programs in landscaping, 烹饪, 烘焙, 劳保, 小型发动机修理, 标志制作, 机械及洗衣服务.  另外, a certificate program in Welding is available to qualified inmates through a partnership with Southern Crescent Technical College.


State Board of Pardons and Paroles